Seventh Generation Free & Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers, Size 3, 31 ct

Seventh Generation


Brand: Seventh Generation


  • Introducing protection for all prints, now on Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers
  • 0% chlorine bleaching, the fluffy core of our diapers is not processed with chlorine
  • Disposable diapers with an ultra-absorbent core for premium leak protection
  • Absorbs 100%! A fresh diaper completely absorbs a typical tinkle amount when tested in a laboratory
  • Hypoallergenic diapers made for sensitive skin without chlorine, lotions, or fragrances
  • Meet our troop of friendly, forest-loving animals whose habitats our FSC Certified Diapers work to protect, three engaging characters will join you on your diapering journey

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Seventh Generation

Release Date: 24-04-2014

Details: Seventh Generation is one of the nation's leading natural brands of household and personal care products. The company lives its commitment to "caring today for seven generations of tomorrows," with products formulated to provide mindful solutions for human health, air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home—and for the community and environment outside of it. Seventh Generation Baby products are Designed to Be Kind to Baby and Planet. Premium Absorbency & Leak Protection: Every feature is here for a reason: to stop leaks and keep your baby comfortable Stretchy Back Gather: Creates a snug but flexible fit for superior leak reduction Adjustable, Re-sealable Tabs: Gives your baby custom comfort between changes As Close to Cloth: Soft material for a natural, cloth-like experience Premium Absorbency in Any Size Leak protection and comfort are the most important qualities to have in a diaper. Multiple sizing options, a stretchy back gather, a snug fit around the legs, and adjustable, re-sealable tabs provide a flexible but snug fit for any baby, from newborn to toddling wanderer. Hypoallergenic & Totally Free of Chemical Bleaching & Fragrances Your baby’s comfort is number one priority. Our unbleached diapers are designed with the health of your family in mind—free of petroleum-based lotions and fragrances. Two-fold Commitment Seventh Generation unbleached baby diapers are doing it different. We’ve made a commitment to your baby and our planet: No chlorine in our process, and no pulp whitening or bleaching of any sort. No bleaching of the absorbent core means less water required during production overall. The Right Fit for Your Baby Newborn- < 10 lbs. Size 1- 8-14 lbs. Size 2- 12-16 lbs. Size 3- 16-28 lbs. Size 4- 22-37 lbs. Size 5- 27+ lbs. Size 6- 35+ lbs. Healthy Baby Skin Tips 1.Less is more (Know your products!) 2.Wash new clothes & blankies 3.Natural oils matter: Bathe sparingly 4.SPF: It’s a must Happy New Parent Tips 1.Find a no-leak diaper 2.Maintain a dry crib 3.Listen to the hum of the monitor 4.Sleep for six straight hours Seventh Generation Products You'll Love Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers Seventh Generation Training Pants

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.4 x 4.1 inches