Scrunch watering can - rust by Baby Bubble Online

Scrunch watering can - rust by Baby Bubble Online

Baby Bubble Online

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Most kids love to water things – in the garden, in the bathtub and at the beach. But most watering cans takes up too much space to be considered for the suitcase or the beach bag but not the watering can from Scrunch. It is easy to fold and unfold and bring along. The can has a rather peculiar and cute look. Almost like a piglet. It looks like it has a little pig snout. Even it is collapsible it is still easy to pour from if the child grasps the flap on the back of the can and holds under the can. It contains 0,8 liter and is easy to walk with without wasting water.

  • Made from high grade, non-toxic silicone which makes it tough, durable and easy to clean.
  • Contains 0,8 liter