Poptastic Fidget Toy - Crown by Karma Kiss

Poptastic Fidget Toy - Crown by Karma Kiss

Karma Kiss

SKU: carro-5256028

Fulfilled by our friends at Karma Kiss

The princess of Poptastic fidget toys is here: the Poptastic Fidget Toy - Crown. With princess pastel shades of pink, purple and aqua, this fidget toy takes the poppable fidget toy trend to a new height: a crown! Whether you're popping the pretty bubbles to relieve anxiety or to reduce stress, this fun version of the fidget toy features a fun crown shape.

A Poptastic Fidget Toy - Crown crowns the fidget toys with the feel of bubble wrap and the look of fidget royalty. Help little kids develop fine motor skills and big kids reduce distractions and relax at school. Adults can pop the crown's bubbles at work for a little relaxation break. Made from silicon, the 6"L x 6"W - 7.5"L x 7"W fits well in backpacks, totebags and purses for on-the-go stress relief.