Bumble Baby Diapers, Size 3 4-9KG 40 Counts drip Proof barriers, Textile Surfaces, Absorbing Particles, Ultra-Flexible Side Grip Strips (3)

Bumble Baby


Brand: Bumble Baby


  • Drip proof barriers
  • Textile surfaces
  • Absorbing particles
  • Ultra-flexible side grip strips

Details: We have manufactured the best wrapping diaper in order for them to act more, discover more, to have more smiles and laughter in your home. Thanks to its drip proof barriers Bumble provides dryness throughout the night with its rapid absorber texture while enabling little movers act freely. It prevents nappy rash with its silky breathable texture and cottony inner surface so your baby enjoys having fun and moving freely without its skin getting irritated. Extra absorbing thin particles absorbs the moisture and provides a dry surface. This, cute little movers sleeps tight and wakes to a happy morning. Flexible side grip strips prevent drips as the newborn period ends and the babies gradually grow up and get move.