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What is in a diaper? I think we can agree on this, we honestly don’t want to know what surprise awaits us in the diaper, but we gear up and tackle the challenge! Diapers are a main staple when having babies and are with you through the first few years of parenting. So here lies the question, how do we know what diaper is best? They all have similarities, and say pretty much the same about dryness, moisture leak etc. So how do you really know what is best? My thoughts? The best way to know is the trial by error method to find out what works for you and your little ones. I have tried a lot of different brands, and for the most part they are all good and get the job done, with a few exceptions. You may prefer to go the disposable diaper route, or cloth may be your preferred method. Anyway you go about the hunt for the perfect diaper, I have found each baby is different and there is no right or wrong choice of diaper. But, here are 2 little things that I found helpful after 2 boys, multiple blowouts, leaks and doing my best to manage the sizing and their growing little bodies.

First, get few small packs of different brands of diapers on your baby registry, and even mix in a few cloth diapers to see if that way is for you. That way you only have a small amount of each brand and are not stuck with multiple diapers of something you don’t like. The takeaway is you will get to see what works for you and your baby. With my 2 boys, I used disposable diapers. I personally love the wetness indicator (which most brands have at a newborn and the size 1 stage). I think its great at all stages, but especially when they are very young since they don’t pee a crazy amount at a time to make the diaper saggy (like older babies and toddlers do where it is more obvious). Is the wetness indicator they necessary? No, not really. Is it a nice helpful little tool to have on a diaper? You bet! And, it helps answer the question “did they or did they not pee” without undoing the diaper. I used a lot of the Huggies brand with my two boys, and I learned with my second son, the Little Snugglers had a little back “pocket” on the diaper (which I called the poop catcher), and boy oh boy did it help with the “up the back” style blow outs! Now if you have never personally experienced one, woah are you are lucky! If you are among the many who have, you know that if a baby is going to have a blow out, most of the time there is nothing that can really do to stop the hazmat scene that is about to happen. However, that little poop catcher was a lifesaver for so many massive poops, almost disasters and it saved many outfits and avoided a lot of extra baths!


All Huggies Diapers are elemental chlorine free and free of natural rubber latex. They are also fragrance-free, parabens-free and EU allergens free. Innovations only Huggies have: GentleAbsorb* liners, Leak Lock® protection, Double Grip Strips and more, Huggies is constantly innovating to bring the most comfort and protection to your baby - Huggies®Little Snugglers® Diapers are designed to help keep your newborn baby's skin clean and healthy - GentleAbsorb® Diaper Liner To help keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy, our GentleAbsorb® Liner absorbs wetness on contact - Pocketed Back Waistband The pocketed back waistband helps to keep in mess and protect your baby’s skin - Hypoallergenic & Breathable Little Snugglers® Diapers allow baby’s gentle skin to breathe and stay healthy - Our wetness indicator makes it easy to know when your baby’s diaper needs to be changed - To protect your baby’s belly button while it heals, Little Snugglers® Diapers feature an umbilical cord cutout


Huggies Little Movers diapers available in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 - #1 Fitting Diaper* features a contoured shape to move with your active baby and virtually eliminate leaks (*Wet Fit, Among Open Diapers) - Huggies DryTouch Liner absorbs wetness on contact while baby is crawling, moving or walking - Huggies Snug Fit Waistband & Double Grip Strips help keep the diaper in place for your active baby, while SizeUp indicator lets you know when baby is ready to move to the next size diaper - Fragrance free, lotion free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine & rubber latex

Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers Huggies Special Delivery diapers come in sizes Newborn, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Huggies Softest Diaper Ever – Their best combination of premium softness and performance to help keep your baby's skin healthy & comfortable - Outstanding Leakage Protection – Leak Lock system locks away moisture for up to 12 hours, and a breathable, soft-to-the-touch outer layer provides maximum breath-ability, plus wetness indicator changes color when wet - Breathable for Sensitive Skin – Soft-to-the-touch, breathable outer layer provides maximum air flow to help keep baby's skin dry - Hypoallergenic & Dermotologist Tested – Made with plant-based* materials including sugar cane. (*23% by weight) - No Harsh Ingredients – Fragrance free, paraben free, lotion free and free of elemental chlorine bleach

Pampers Diapers include: BLANKIE SOFTNESS that Gently wraps your baby in Pampers® best blanket-like softness, HEART QUILTS™ LINER is 2X softer against the baby's delicate skin, AIR-DRY CHANNELS™ allow breathable dryness to keep your baby comfortable, ABSORB AWAY LINER which pulls wetness and mess away from baby's skin to help keep your baby comfortable, SOFT STRETCHY SIDES helps the diaper stay in place, flexing with baby's every move, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED AND HYPOALLERGENIC To ensure they are gentle against your baby's skin, and most important a WETNESS INDICATOR™ Lets you know when your baby might need changed.
















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